Jenny Minier
Julian Lange Professor of Economics
Department Chair, Economics
Miami University (Ohio)

My research is primarily in the fields of economic growth, development, and international trade. Here's my c.v.
In fall 2022, I'll be teaching ECO 315 (Intermediate Microeconomics). In spring 2023, I'll teach
ECO 347 (Economic Development).
I recently moved from the University of Kentucky, where I regularly taught Economics 402 (Intermediate Macroeconomics), Economics 499 (an undergraduate seminar course on the Economics of Africa), and Economics 762, a Ph.D. field course in macroeconomics.
In 2018-19, I was director of UK's Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER), and I directed the Ph.D. program in economics from 2015-18. At UK, I served on the advisory boards of UK's Center for Equality and Social Justice (CESJ) and the United in True Racial Equity (UNITE) Research Priority Area, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Belgium in 2012.
My last name is pronounced, approximately, minn-ear (or minn-yay).
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